Green Built™ home by TJB. This home features geothermal heat plus solar collectors to handle 25% of the home's electrical needs. The home is built healthy and green using materials that are environmentally friendly and come from renewable resources. We have built this home with main stream materials that balance cost and environment in the building process.

TJB GREEN Built Home

I thought you would find this kind of interesting and that it may be useful. I have been amazed at how low the combined gas and electric bills have been for the house. It has been as low as $70 and the highest is $120. Essentially, this months bill was pretty much only electricity costs for running the AC. When I reviewed the bill, the house uses essentially no gas in the summer. I use the gas for hot water and for cooking which is apparently so negligible, it did not even use 1 CCF this month. I assume that once the hot water is stored in the tank, it remains hot enough that the boiler never comes back on again. Granted I am only one person, but I still cannot get over how low the energy costs are. Since gas is cheaper than electricity, my assumption is that once I no longer need the AC, the cost will drop once again and that the winters will be even cheaper than the summers. The March and April bills were in the $70 range.


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