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What Makes A House GREEN?

Below is a list of features that make a House GREEN.
We have put an asterisk by the items that are already TJB Standard construction features.


  • *Fly Ash in Concrete Poured Walls
  • *Thorough Site Planning and Orientation
  • *Watch Dog Water Proofing


  • Foamed Walls and Ceiling Insulation
  • *Foam Around Windows Not Fiberglass
  • *Seal All Penetrations

Heating Systems

  • Geo Thermal Heat Loop System
  • How Water Preheated By Geo Thermal
  • *Wirsbo Under Floor Heat
  • *Whole House Air Exchanger (HRV)
  • DC Motor Furnace with Gas Backup
  • *Sealed Duct Work
  • Breathe Clean UV Light Filter
  • Honeywell Electronic Air Cleaner

Construction & Framing

  • *Engineered Floor and Roof Truss
  • *LVL And Microlam Headers
  • *Finger Jointed Studs
  • *Advantech Flooring
  • *Three Corner Studs
  • *Raised Heel Studs
  • *Glue Bottom Plates
  • *Andersen Low E Argon Glass Windows
  • *Special Window Flashing and Tape System


  • Fluorescent Recess Lights and Bulbs
  • *Panasonic QT110 Bath Fans with Timers
  • *CO-2 Detector
  • Solar Collector to Cover 25% of Electric
  • Off Peak Electric Water Heating


  • *Water Saver Shower Heads
  • Dual Flush Toilet
  • *Continuous Pump Loop On Hot

Interior Finish

  • *Natural or Recycled Carpet and Pad
  • Brazilian Cherry Floors
  • *Low Toxicity Solvent Free Ceramic

Finish Millwork

  • Sustainable Lyptus Mill Work and Cabinetry
  • Wheat Board in Cabinet Backings
  • *Energy Star Appliances


  • *Low VOC Paints
  • Regulated Construction Debris Disposal
  • Recycled All Sheetrock and Lumber Debris
  • *Sealed Gas Fireplace

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