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HEAT and GLO CERONA AND 6000 SERIES FIREPLACES The Heat & Glo Cerona, a new direct-vent gas fireplace, uses FireBrick technology to form a ceramic firebox in a tall arch shape that closely mimics a masonry hearth, while generating 25% more radiant heat than a metal firebox, the company claims. Cerona's heat output can be adjusted downward by as much as 30%, so the unit can be used as much for ambiance as for a source of heat. Cerona's IntelliFire intermittent pilot ignition (IPI) system automatically activates the pilot when the homeowner turns on the fireplace, and this can save $14 per month over always-on pilots, at today's gas prices. This direct-vent gas unit directly expels 100% of the fire's combustion exhaust, moisture, and odors outside the home, so your indoor air quality isn't affected. Heat & Glo has also updated its well-known 6000 Series direct-vent gas fireplaces. Available in five models, 6000 Series units also include the IntelliFire IPI.


Credit: Green Builder

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